Loss of Habitat

Single biggest threat.

Removal of habitat is the single biggest threat to the koala population, as well as all other native wildlife in Australia.

The vast majority of this loss of vegetation occurs as a result of urban development, agriculture, mining and the expansion of existing infrastructure.

There is a saying “death by a thousand cuts” where every single eucalypt tree removed may in itself seem insignificant but as this occurs on a daily basis in locations where koalas live, little by little these important trees are gone from a koala’s home range.

An individual adult male coastal koala occupies up to 100 hectares; an area he occupies for life. Koalas live in a social hierarchy with higher-ranking animals occupying the best locations and lower-ranking koalas occupying lower quality habitats.

Due to habitat loss, the koala is now under threat, making it a sentinel animal for forest-dwelling species in this country. Basically, if the koala is wiped out, whatever (and whoever) is responsible for its eventual extinction will also precipitate the demise of other fauna and flora. Australia holds the shameful title of having the greatest number of extinctions of mammals in the world.

Here's how you can help!

There are ways for you to help us slow the impact of these threats. Here are three of the biggest, most significant ways you can help us today!

  • Adopt

    Choose one of our koalas to adopt. Adoption is a meaningful and symbolic way to contribute to the conservation of Koalas. Learn about your adopted koala and the species as a whole. Find out about our available adoptees and see which of them you connect with here! 

  • Donate

    Make a donation to help fund conservation efforts for wild koalas and their habitats, provide care to sick and injured koalas and support research and education efforts. Every donation amount makes an impact, no matter the size, and you can choose from many different donation funds, depending on what appeals to you most.

  • Visit

    Come see us in action to find out what we’re all about! Drop into the Koala Hospital during our opening hours to get a first-hand look at our facility, including our Koalaseum, care clinic, and shop. You can learn about our rescue and rehabilitation efforts and check out our facility.