Adopt a Koala!

Meet our beautiful Koalas

If you would like to adopt a koala that you can visit in person at our hospital, be sure to select one of the "Exhibit Koalas". Our other koalas have been released but are still available for adoption. We like to call them our success stories as we are able to release them to be wild and free.

Every adoption helps us to achieve our vision of a healthy and thriving koala population.

What does it cost to adopt a Koala?

We have three options for adopting a Koala

  • Adoption package within Australia

    Cost: $70

    The Australian Adoption Package allows you to select your koala adoptee, and in exchange for your contribution, you will receive a laminated and personalised adoption certificate, the story of your koala, a postcard, a Koala Hospital Bookmark, and a printed copy of our latest Koala Hospital “Gum Tips” magazine.

  • eAdoption

    Cost: $50

    The eAdoption allows you to select your koala adoptee, and in exchange for your contribution, you receive a personalised adoption certificate. The eAdoption is done online, and you’ll receive the adoption certificate by email in PDF format once payment is processed. Adopters can print the certificate and frame it.

  • International Adoption

    Cost: $80

    The International Adoption Package is for non-Australia addresses and those living overseas. Once a koala is selected for adoption and payment is processed, you will be sent the laminated adoption certificate, the story of your koala, a Koala Hospital bookmark, and the latest printed copy of Koala Hospital’s “Gum Tips” magazine. Postage included.

Why Adopt a Koala?

Adopting is fantastic as a way for the whole family to do something rewarding, or an adoption can be used as a meaningful gift for someone else.

An adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their home range where possible. An adoption also assists with the conservation and expansion of habitat, koala research and koala education and awareness campaigns. Koala Conservation Australia is a not-for-profit charity funded through bequests, adoptions and our koala shop sales.

Whilst you can't physically have the koala in your home, here's what you do get:

  • an official adoption certification
  • your chosen koala's story
  • a Koala Hospital bookmark
  • the latest edition of our Gum Tips magazine
  • See our FAQs for more information.
Adoption FAQs

Other ways you can help

  • Visit

    Come see us in action to find out what we’re all about! Drop into the Koala Hospital during our opening hours to get a first-hand look at our facility, including our Koalaseum, care clinic, and shop. You can learn about our rescue and rehabilitation efforts and check out our facility.

  • Donate

    Make a donation to help fund conservation efforts for wild koalas and their habitats, provide care to sick and injured koalas and support research and education efforts. Every donation amount makes an impact, no matter the size, and you can choose from many different donation funds, depending on what appeals to you most.