Thank you to those who have supported our Conservation Plantation

For your donation of $2,000 we have organised a plaque with the name of the donor displayed on an ‘honour board’ at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.


  • August 

    Patrick de Permentier - Huntley's Cove 


    In Loving Memory of Patrick George Quinlan

  • March

    Wendy Full - Hainan, China


    Roving Homes Caravan Group


    HKM Solutions - Belconnen, ACT


    Brian William Bartlett's Family - Lindfield, NSW

    UPCON Co Ltd - Japan

    Rest Peacefully - Phil Cook - Coffs Harbour, NSW


  • Natasha Noseworthy - Canada

    Stephen and Linda Allan - Jilliby, NSW

    GemLife - Rainbow Beach

    Barbara Calderon - Oatlands

  • Phyto-Therapy Pty Ltd - Elanora Heights

    In Loving Memory of Michael Hess - Germany

    Alison Davidson - Port Macquarie

    UPCON Co Ltd - Japan

    Norm & Karleen Waitt - Kind World Foundation

    Kelly Wearmouth


  • In Loving Memory of Cassie Bennett 

    In Loving Memory of Judith Irene Quinlan

    In Loving Memory of Beverly Ellen (Polansky) Sorenson

    Marion & Don - Sydney

    Wendy Full - China

    Woodcote High School - Coulsdon, UK

    In Memory of Fern Talmas - Key West, Florida

    Juzzie’s Conservation Collective - International Collection

    Cocone Corporation - Japan

    World Wise Cruise Associates (Diana & Tara)

    Bruce - Always Stockholm

    Holland America Line - Ms Nieuw Statendam

    In Memorium of Betty Mayerchak

    Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise LLC, USA (Roger Naber et al)

    The Blues Cruisers - Ms Statendam - January 2020

    Claire Foxton - Jamberoo

    Junko K11

    SSE NSW Ambulance Paramedics

    The Manor Preparatory School - Abingdon UK

    In Loving Memory of Ryan Van Maarion, Beloved brother and Son

    Brynn, Henry and Genevieve Lee

    Alan J & Lauris J Hunt

    Dr Robert A & Fiona M Zammit

    Peter Hunt & Boh Yeng

    Alessandro Sellaretti and Giuseppe Carotenuto & Friends - Milan, Italy

    Bernhard Schinn - Bavaria, Germany

    Dharmic Health Pty Ltd - Byron Bay

    Gabriella Fabotti - Milano, Italy

    Gramcie & Grumps Collins - Potsdam, NY

    Jessica Chiu - Taiwan

    Ka Hei Cheong - Macau

    Lovely People from Czech Republic - collected by Christie

    Marika Meri - Finland

    Patrick Simon Eckert - Switzerland

    Sibling Agency - Sydney

    Silvia Franziska Iseli from Hagendorf, Switzerland

    Steven Sklenicka - Granton, USA

  • Gray & Walsh - Sydney

    Paul Radden and the Papakura Theatre Company NZ

    Kasey Margaret Juliet Peralta

    Ash Nicholson - Long Beach, California

    Allen Elementary School - Ann Arbor, MI USA

    Studley Priory, Horton cum Studley - Oxford, UK

    Michael Hilkemeijer - Queensland, Australia

    In Loving Memory of Audrey O’Neil

    In Loving Memory of Tammy Kaka Chui - Hong Kong

    Greet Weyns

    In Loving Memory of Vanessa Owen

    Cameron Motem - Washington

    Cheng-I Yang - In memory of “Beau Beau” - Taiwan

    Cookies for Koala’s Fundraiser, Beavers & Cubs Troop, Sun Peaks, BC, Canada

    Emma & Matthew Wright - UK

    Franziska Blumel - Oberhausen/Obb, Germany

    Inga Rauch’s and Miss Koala’s Wonderful Friends

    International School - Hamburg, Germany

    Jacqueline Le Buchanan - “Bushfire Relief Fundraiser 8/2/20”

    Josh Shaw & Jaylene Cook - Gold Coast

    Juliane Braun - Oberhausen/Obb, Germany

    K9 Fun - Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

    Katharina Weber - Oberhausen/Obb, Germany

    Kenny Huang - Pyrmont

    Lithe Apparrel - Burgos, Spain

    Louisa Gehrmann - Oberhausen/Obb, Germany

    Maria-Luise Faller-Gehrmann - Speyer, Germany

    Martina Bauer - Eberfing, Germany

    Sandra Hauptmann - Speyer, Germany

    Tilly Ford - Castlemaine, Victoria

    Palitchoke and his fans, Nuches

    Palitchode Ayanaputra

    Virginia Ellen Mary Healy - Texas

    Zeynep Matthews and Friends - Alabama

    Wei-Chen Hung - Taiwan


  • Cecilie Young - Downer ACT 

    Christoph Meier - Deutschland, Germany 

    David Wichert - Leonay 

    Jagger Sainsbury - Australia 

    Tim Buckley - Pymble

    The Olliffe Family - Hong Kong

  • Edgewater Shores - Diamond Beach

    Jenny White - Sydney 

    Joy Reid - Narrabri 

    The Wrightson Family - Mount Colah 

    TripActions - Sydney 

    Zoe Foster Blake


  • Stefan Theiler – Switzerland 

    Man to Danny Law - Kowloon, Hong Kong

  • In Memory of Lynn Symmons - NSW 

    Peacock Hill Vinyard – Hunter Valley NSW


  • Calvin Sonner – USA

  • Dianne Kilbride – Coffs Harbour NSW