FAQ's Recovery Program

The Hastings-Macleay Koala Habitat Restoration Program

FAQs for interested Landholders

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you are a
a) rural or semi-rural land holder within the Port Macquarie-Hastings or Kempsey-Macleay Local Government Areas within the partnership project area,
b) you have bushland or remnant bushland on your property that needs restoration (e.g. because it is infested with weeds such as lantana), and
c) you believe you have koala habitat or know of koala activity (past or present) on your property.
You can express your interest for site assessment and potential support.

How can I tell if I have koala habitat on my land?

Koalas may be hard to spot in the wild as they tend to be quite camouflaged amongst the treetops (look for round shapes in tree crevices), however they do leave several telltale signs! Droppings on the ground are quite obvious (they produce up to 200 pellets per 24-hours)! These are small green-brown, fibrous pellets about 20 mm long and as thick as a pencil. There may also be parallel scratch marks on gum tree trunks. Koalas also make a distinctive noise, particularly during mating season.
Take a listen here.

You can read about koala habitat, and what’s required for sustainable habitat here.

Check out the FAQs here, and you can  express your interest and we will come back to you.

What kind of assistance can I receive to restore degraded koala habitat on my land?

We’ll coordinate groups such as Landcare as well as private contractors to deliver habitat restoration activities such as site assessment, weed control, bush regeneration, planting of koala corridors and fencing. Our work will reference DPE’s Koala Habitat Restoration Guidelines.

If I join the Program, will this impact what I can do with my land?

No. Joining the Program and accepting assistance to restore koala habitat on your land will not impact your current or potential future usage rights or zoning.

Will there be any cost to me?

You’re under no obligation to contribute financially. All we ask is that you facilitate access to your property and maintain communication with our Koala Officer so they can efficiently coordinate and deliver any work.

Will workers on my property be insured?

Yes. Any workers, contractors, employees or volunteers we bring on to your property will be fully insured

How do I apply?

You can submit your Expression of Interest here, and we will respond as soon as we can.

When will the work be done?

This Program runs until June 2026.