How you can get involved

  • Koalas are now an endangered species in NSW, and if we don’t take urgent action, they could be extinct by 2050. It really will ‘take a village’ to save them, and we need everyone to work together.
    Great partnerships make the world of difference, and a difference to the world! At Koala Conservation Australia (KCA) we partner with all levels of government, private and public organisations and landholders, research and education institutions, First Nations people, and wildlife and conservation groups to help deliver our programs.

As a landholder

If you own a rural or semi-rural property and you’re interested in protecting koalas and their habitat, we’d love to hear from you! 

Specifically, we are targeting rural landholdings within the Port Macquarie-Hastings or Kempsey-Macleay Local Government Areas which contain bushland (or pockets of bushland) and evidence of past or present koala activity.

We are working with Landcare groups and private contractors to restore degraded koala habitat and deliver restoration activities to landholders including site assessment, weed control, bush regeneration, planting of koala corridors and fencing. 

Check out the FAQs here.

Our Koala Officer will also be running information sessions for interested landholders. To get the latest workshop updates, please follow us on Facebook [link], or email Louise at

As a community member/community group

We aim to empower our community to help protect our local koalas and their habitat. It really does ‘take a village’, and we need as many people as possible to become local advocates for our koalas! 

We’ll be running several information sessions and workshops with the aim of:

  • Educating drivers on koala road safety and actions which can reduce Koala vehicle strikes.
  • Educating dog owners on the best ways to reduce the chances of dog attacks.

Providing workshops and opportunities to assist with habitat restoration and koala food tree planting

Ways you can help

  • Attend a workshop/info session, then share your knowledge with others.
  • Plant koala food and shelter trees to restore land to make more habitat for koalas. This includes anything from planting a handful of koala feed trees to large scale plantings.
  • Remove weeds to make existing habitat better for koalas.
  • Find out how koalas move through the landscape (including reporting koala sightings using I SPY KOALA to tell us more about our koala populations. 
  • Volunteering with your local Landcare group.

Report koala sightings, we need our community to be our eyes and ears on the ground. The more koala sightings that the public submit to us, the more data we have on their population, habitat and movements in the area. Learn more about reporting koala sightings here.


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