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Koala Conservation Australia is a not-for-profit charity funded by donations from people and organisations within Australia and from across the world, bequests, the Adopt a Wild Koala Program and souvenir shop sales. Koala Conservation Australia manages the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, two koala food tree plantations, the only wild koala breeding facility in the world and it participates in research and education.  Its six staff and over 200 volunteers all work to conserve the iconic Australian koala.  

Help us to achieve our vision for a healthy and thriving koala population.

Your donation to Koala Conservation Australia Limited will

  • Support the lifesaving work of the Koala Hospital - including the rescue, rehabilitation and wherever possible release of koalas back to the wild.
  • To develop a wild koala breeding program. This vital initiative was brought forward following the devastating 2019/2020 bushfires in southern & eastern Australia which saw thousands of koalas die.
  • Contribute to conservation - the purchase and regeneration of vital habitat for koalas.
  • Support education - increasing awareness and understanding of the threats facing koalas and what we need to do to conserve the species.
  • Assist with research - work with universities, research organisations, and other wildlife organisations to collect information and gather data to help koalas survive.

Koala Conservation Australia Limited is a registered charity, and donations within Australia are tax-deductible.

Koala Conservation Fund

In 2014 we purchased a 230-acre property 10 kilometres north of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. This land was purchased for conservation to both protect koala habitat and to plant koala food trees so we can harvest leaves to feed our resident koalas. By conserving this land we also assist other fauna and flora to survive alongside the koala. To maintain this property, we need your help and donations to our Conservation Fund. 

The Conservation Fund has been established to conserve, protect and restore habitat areas for wild koalas to prevent their extinction. A donation of $2,000 or more will have a plaque with the name of the donor displayed on an 'honour board' at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and the donor will be formally acknowledged on our website.Koala Conservation Australia Ltd is a registered charity - donations within Australia are tax-deductible.