Join us on a Koala Quest - Guulaguba marrungbal baa djuyal

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Guulaguba marrungbal baa djuyal

Embark on a nature adventure into the world of koalas on this 1.5 hour interactive journey through the Koala Conservation Hospital Port Macquarie and Roto House.  This has been specially designed for children aged 7-14 and there are only 2 tours available - Wednesday 17 (SOLD OUT) and 24 April, tours start at 2pm and finish at 3.30pm.

Places are limited so book now to avoid missing out!

A unique koala, culture and nature experience!

Your child will learn about one of the world’s most iconic species- the koala, a miraculous marsupial - designed for life up high in Australia’s eucalypts. They will discover how koalas [guulas] carry a deep cultural significance for the Birpai of Guruk [Port Macquarie]. They will then immerse themselves in koala and nature themed creativity and play on the grounds of historic Roto House.

Key Highlights:
  • Led by experienced guides with expertise in koala conservation and local aboriginal Birpai history and culture.
  • Witness first hand the rehabilitation efforts for injured and sick koalas, learn about their care and conservation from Koala Keeper Clare.
  • Join with Aboriginal Education Ranger Nardja to discover the cultural significance of guula to Birpai culture.
  • Engaging activities tailored to children's interests and learning styles, including storytelling, games, and hands-on nature experiences.
  • Learn about koala behaviour, cultural significance, habitat, diet, and the importance of conservation efforts.
  • Specifically designed for kids 7-14 years old
  • While the kids embark on their exciting journey, the adults can unwind and indulge in a cozy coffee and snack at Home at Roto Cafe. 
Activities Include:
    • Handling koala browse (koala food - eucalyptus leaf)
    • Observing koala scat (look at koala poo)
    • An educational tour with qualified and experienced koala keeper
    • Cultural yarn about Birpai koala (guula) story
    • Activities and craft in nature
Afternoon Sessions on Wednesday 17th April (SOLD OUT) and Wednesday 24th April
  • Starts at 2pm and finishes at 3.30pm (please make sure your child arrives between 1:30 and 2pm, parents/guardians will be required to sign your child in before the day commences)
  • At 2pm the Koala Conservation Hospital Koala Keeper will conduct a 30-minute Koala Keeper talk within the grounds of the Koala Conservation Hospital Port Macquarie
  • At 2.30pm the NPWS Aboriginal Cultural Guide will collect the group and walk to Historic Roto House for a Birpai koala story and nature play for 1 hour
The safety of our guests is important to us, and it is a requirement that suitable clothing be worn including enclosed footwear, hat, sunscreen and wet weather clothing (if raining) to participate in this experience. If your child is feeling unwell or sick at the time of their experience, they are unable to participate and will need to reschedule their booking.





    Roto House Pic Credit John Spencer DPE