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Ruins Way Baz

Exhibit Koala

Baz was named after one of the two firefighters that found him all burnt and sitting on the side of a track, during the peak of the 2019 Mid North Coast bushfires. He had bad burns on his hands, feet and nose and his fur was all singed and brown. He was very dehydrated too. Baz struggled for many weeks to cope with staff fearing for his life initially. He slowly recovered but his he has permanently lost the claws on his hands and feet and has scar tissue on his digits and his chin. As a result Ruins Way Baz is unable to climb high into the trees, although he can manage small trees slowly.

Ruins Way Baz is considered non-releasable and now lives permanently at the Koala Hospital. Baz is an ambassador for veterinarians, researchers and wildlife carer teaching them about what can occur with burns injuries.

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