Koala Rehabilitation Manual 2019

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Obtain this Wildlife Carer's manual for  $60 including postage within Australia

This  manual is the 6th edition released July 2019 and covers all aspects of wild koala rehabilitation.  Understanding social structure/behaviour through to capture and handling. 

    • Ageing of the koala, zoonoses, data collection through to housing of koala patients. 

    • The major reasons for admission to care are covered such as Chlamydiosis, Motor Vehicle injuries and dog attacks, plus a number of other issues such as various cancers, gut issues, cataracts and other problems that koalas can suffer from.  

    • Bushfire burns and care of orphaned joeys is also discussed at length. 

    • Retrovirus, cryptococcus, medications and koala genetics are also covered.

This manual is suitable for veterinarians, vet nurses, researchers, zookeepers and of course wildlife carers.

This manual is currently only available within Australia