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Campbelltown Casper

Exhibit Koala

Campbelltown Casper is an adult male koala who was transferred to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital following a suspected motor vehicle accident. He was estimated to be approximately 8 years old when he arrived, meaning that he was likely born in 2015.

He was found by Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services on the side of the road in May 2023, suspecting that he had sustained a motor vehicle accident. He initially showed signs of imbalance and abnormal gait, but luckily this fully resolved.

Apart from the permanent trauma caused by the motor vehicle accident, Casper is a very healthy koala. He is a very, very big boy (9.5 kg!), and has a very light grey and fluffy coat. He is also very special, because he comes from the Campbelltown population, which is one of the last wild koala populations completely free of Chlamydia.

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