Online Rehabilitation Course

Are you a wildlife carer, veterinarian, vet nurse or researcher wishing to learn more about koala rehabilitation? 

Koala Conservation Australia has created an online course that covers the myriad of issues that are driving koalas into decline.

This comprehensive course is suitable for new and refresher carers and also includes the option of a hands on practical component at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. 

The cost of the online course is $175 and includes specialised information via video, module questions to cement your learning and a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Release of a koala back into the wild

This comprehensive course covers the following modules-

Module 1- 
In this module you will learn about the importance of work, health and safety working with wild koalas, what are zoonoses, the safety issues related to capturing koalas, the importance of data collection, how to age koalas and the importance of this skill for koala rehabilitation, plus some interesting koala facts.
Module 2- 
In this module you will learn about the importance of the complex social structure of koala populations and the effects on the dynamics of the population which is vital for the ultimate release of koala patients in your care. The other section of this module is focused on the importance of understanding koala behaviour for anyone working with koalas.
Module 3-
In this module you will learn how to capture and handle koalas using simple but highly effective techniques now that you have a sound understanding of koala behaviour. You will also learn about design and construction of enclosures and gain an understanding of skills and practice required to be able to identify eucalypts and non eucalypt species.
Module 4-
In this module we will explore the reasons why wild koalas come into care and how to identify what they are likely to be along with examples, diagnostics, treatment suggestions and likely outcomes. This module is complex and quite extensive and will cover topics such as motor vehicle impact injuries, dog attacks, diseases such as chlamydiosis and more unusual conditions such as neoplasia.
Module 5-
In this module you will learn about the process of search and rescue of fire grounds and develop an understanding of the skills, licences and equipment required for successful capture of burnt koalas on fire grounds. The second section of this module focuses on thermal burns, the level and intensity of burns, an overview of treatment and what the likely outcomes are from koalas admitted into care with burns.
Module 6- 
In this module you will explore the developmental stages that a wild mother koala implements with her offspring and how these processes should be mimicked with hand raised joeys. This module will also discuss formulas, feeding and housing equipment along with preparation of hand raised joeys for release into the wild.
Please note that the practical component of the course is only available after course completion for a fee.