Guula Friends, Koala Food- Learn and Craft

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Are you a Guula (Koala) Friend? 

This School Holiday activity is a wonderful way to learn all about Koala food and you get to do some crafts too!

Guula friends is our program designed for supporters of the Koala (Guula) who want a special experience learning about them and what we do at the Hospital to support our overall goal of a Thriving and Healthy Koala Population. 

This activity allows you to have a unique experience and get up close and personal with "Stuffy" our friendly taxidermy education Koala. 

Imagine a 1/2-hour small group activity learning about Koala food and habitat and you get to play with some koala poo!

These groups are capped at 10 people and offer you a chance to enjoy the magic of our hospital and get crafty!

Please note this experience is great for all ages but children under 14 years get the most from it. 

Children must have a parent present for the duration of the activity. 

This activity starts at 11am and is 1/2 hour in duration.