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Allunga Ave Daisy

** Pre-Release Joey **

Allunga Ave Daisy was found on 06/12/2022. She only weighed 1.5 kgs. Our rescuers went to look for her when her mother was found drowned in a pool. Daisy went into home care with one of our experienced carers and progressed really well. Within the space of 10 weeks, she put on 1.1kgs, and when she reached 2.6kg on 10/02/2023, she did not return to home care and, instead, was put in our joey pre-release yard with another joey, Granite St Peter.

The two joeys quickly adapted to each other’s presence, and they happily share the tall tree in the joey enclosure where they will practise their climbing skills until they are old enough to be released together, in a safe site, in koala-habitat bushland surrounding the Port Macquarie township. If you pop in to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital you might be able to see them in the joey pre-release yard.

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