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Roto Jaz

Exhibit Koala

Roto Jaz is our new joey and was born at the Koala Hospital in April 2022. His parents both live here permanently – his mum is Wauchope Jade and his dad is Ruins Way Baz (a survivor of the Black Summer 2019 bushfires). Roto Jaz’s name, just like him, is the perfect mixture of Jade and Baz!

Under our Exhibitors’ Licence any offspring born of our exhibit animals remains in permanent care here at the Hospital. Therefore, Roto Jaz will enjoy the 5-star service we provide and we will have the joy of watching him grow and learn to become a strong and agile young male. Roto Jaz, once fully weaned, around 12 months of age, will have an enclosure of his own. Until then, enjoy the antics of mother and son and watch how this cheeky fellow becomes more and more independent and explores the world around him!

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