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Wauchope Jade

Exhibit Koala

In September 2020, the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital was surprised to receive a call about a koala found right in the middle of the township of Wauchope. This is a puzzle because historical records show that koalas have not been seen in the Wauchope township for the last 80 or more years! We are grateful to the very kind resident spotted Jade sitting on a dead tree stump right in the centre of town. Knowing koalas in Wauchope are a rarity, he captured her and put her in his chook house (called Cluckingham Palace by the way!) for safety, while he contacted the Koala Hospital.

Jade is a young and healthy female koala but as we currently cannot determine her point of origin she is unable to be released. It is at times like this, that we wish koalas could speak!

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