Search and Rescue

Since 1994 Koala Conservation Hospital in Port Macquarie has sent teams onto fire grounds to rescue  injured, sick and at risk koalas.  We are first responders, our teams are on the front line searching for up to 12 hours a day, enduring 45 degree heat and challenging conditions in full firefighting PPE to find and rescue koalas.  We have completed over 150 search and rescues in NSW and Victoria over the last 30 years.  

A combination of record-breaking temperatures and prolonged drought conditions over the years has created an environment where fires easily ignite and spread quickly. This scenario is particularly concerning for koalas, whose habitats are located in forested areas that are highly susceptible to bushfires and often have no way of escaping the conditions.  

In 2022 Koalas were designated as an endangered species in NSW, Queensland and the ACT.  According to authorities the risk of bushfires and heatwaves is expected to be higher than usual this summer.  Making search and rescue operations for koalas during bushfires increasingly urgent 

As a result, the need for skilled and experienced organisations to conduct search and rescue operations for koalas has become more critical than ever before.  This important work is highly skilled and requires resources to ensure that the search teams are well prepared. 

Donate today to support fire ground search and rescue costs such as: 

  • $50 for a rescue pole 
  • $80 to purchase 500 grams of essential burn treatment cream 
  • $150 for a full rescue kit - pole, bush fire helmet, gloves, rescue bag and basket 
  • $250 to purchase firefighting jacket and pants  
  • $500 to bring a detection dog onto fire ground for 1 day  
  • $600 for a pair of 2-way radios for communications in remote areas