Koala food tree giveaway

Loss of habitat is the main reason for decline in koala populations. In a joint initiative between Koala Conservation Australia and Forestry Corporation of NSW, we’ll be again offering free koala food trees to local individuals, schools and businesses.

We would like locals to plant these seedlings anywhere there is space for a tree to flourish for the future food for our koalas.

After the devastating bushfires of 2019/20, subsequent flooding, and koala habitat under ever increasing threat from urban development, this revegetation project will help regenerate habitat or link existing habitat for our local koala populations. We encourage private landholders to get involved, and plant as many seedlings as they can manage.

This year we’ll give away 25,000 trees of four different species to suit different soil and habitat types. The tree species are tallowwood, grey gum, forest red gum and swamp mahogany. Please ensure you specify numbers of each tree you're ordering when you complete the order form. The seedlings are colour coded as follows:

⭐YELLOW- tallowwood, 🔴RED- grey gum, 🟩GREEN - forest red gum and 🔷BLUE - swamp mahogany.

Ordered trees will be made available at Koala Conservation Hospital in Macquarie Nature Reserve, entry via Little Owen Street, Port Macquarie, between 10am and 2pm Monday to Saturday from 20th May.

Every tree counts for koalas.

Our koala food tree giveaway begins on 20th May 2024 and will continue until there are no trees left!

  • How to restore koala habitat

    Successful tree planting involves good planning,
    preparation, and maintenance.

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  • Successful tree planting guide

    The first two years of a seedling’s life largely determine the tree’s growth rate and final height and shape.

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  • Tips for Planting

    10 top tips to growing better koala food trees

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Evans Head CW enjoying gum leaves at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Fund a koala food tree

If you can't get involved in the koala food tree giveaway in 2024 because you don't have space to plant trees then why not support our plantation! Donate using the button below to fund a koala food tree at one of our plantations. Help us feed hungry koalas.

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