Do you want to support the protection of the Koala through teaching and learning in your classroom?

Koala Smart is a FREE project-based learning resource for teachers and students. Mapped to the curriculum, Koala Smart steps you through a Design Thinking or Inquiry unit so that students can be active in koala conservation and see their ideas evolve into real-world application.

  • Koala Smart was founded by Port Macquarie Tacking-Point Lions Club in 2019 in response to the ever-increasing decline in koala populations. It is now a stand alone company: Wildlife Smart Ltd.

    Teachers and educators are encouraged to utilise Koala Smart to empower young people to address the national crisis of Koala decline and ensure koala habitat survives for generations to come.

    The program offers a free curriculum aligned program.

    To download the Teachers' Guide or to find out more simply head to and sign up today.